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Dr. Billi Bittan
Encino, CA

Let's face it. ADHD can make life difficult; only if you let it.
My belief is that ADHD is a tremendous asset once you learn how to leverage it.

As a Neuro-Cognitive Behavioral Therapist and certified Co-active ADHD Coach with over 35 years exper... See More

Highlights: Success, Professional Transition, Certified Co-active Coach- Coaches Training Institute (CTI), Leaders, Relationship Coaching, Couples, Emotional Intelligence, Time Management, Family Coaching, AttentionB Method™, Procrastination, Expressive Arts Therapy, Stress, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, Communication, Mindfulness, Organizing, Parenting Education, Parents
Ligia M. Houben
Miami, FL

My heart is in helping people facing challenging life transitions or losses, and help them transform their grief into emotional and spiritual growth, and embrace life again. I founded The Center for Transforming Lives in Miami, Fl where I consult wit... See More

Highlights: Guided Meditation And Mindfulness, Mentor Coach, Family Coaching, Identity, Motivational Interviewing, Professional Transition, Workshops, Holistic, Meditation, Mindfulness, Life Purpose, Anxiety & Stress Relief, Emotional Intelligence, Personal And Corporate Coach, Life Transitions, Loss, Hypnosis, PCC Certification, Bilingual English, Transformational Coach

My light has always burned brightly.

A coworker once told me, “When you walk into a room, you shine a light on everyone around you. This causes some people to lash out, because you strive to be better, you make change effortlessly, and you ... See More

Highlights: ACC Credential, Team Leadership For Churches And Business, Life Coaching, Workshops, Alignment, Personal And Corporate Coach, Life Transitions, Transformational Coach, Millennials In The Workplace, Transiton, Life Purpose, Business Coaching, Career Coaching, Communication, Presence
Sue West
Amherst, NH

You may be in transition. Life is changing and it is stressful. You cannot figure out how to manage it. You have reached a point where you JUST WANT it to be easier. You want a roadmap, some new ways to organize life and get unstuck so that you can m... See More

Highlights: Adhd Specialist, Life Purpose, Communication, Awareness And Action, Mental Health Providers, Life Transitions, Organizing, Life Coaching, Compassion And Self-compassion, Identity, ADHD, Habit Change, Transiton
Larry Buxton
Ashburn, VA

I coach clergy, nonprofit leaders and motivated individuals in times of crisis. I help them resolve conflict and re-set their direction.
I hold the ACC credential from ICF and am also a Board Certified Coach (BCC). I have 41 years of experi... See More

Highlights: ACC Credential, Communication, Conflict Management Coaching, Professional Transition, Life Transitions, Teaching, Christian Spirituality, Resilient Leadership Coaching, Team Leadership For Churches And Business, BCC Credential, Personal Communication Style Inventory, Church Crises, Emotional Intelligence, Public Speaking Coaching, Life Coaching, Clergy Coach
Nicolas Manotas
Miami, FL

If you want to have life changes and pursuit real happiness, you have to start listening what your emotions, your body and your mind are telling you. During your life you probably had people teaching you how to think, how to study, how to behave. Nev... See More

Highlights: Bilingual English, Grief, Wellness, Therapy, Students, ACT, Workshops, Transiton, Leaders, Mindfulness, Couples, Spanish, Parents, Life Coaching, Habit Change
Julia Mattern
Westfield, IN

Are you a woman over 40 who's struggling to figure out what's next?

Maybe you're unhappy with your life and career and asking "is this all there is"?

Maybe you're feeling stuck and can't see any options.

Maybe you want to be the best versi... See More

Highlights: Life Coaching, Compassion And Self-compassion, Awareness And Action, Emotional Intelligence, Habit Change, Holistic, Life Transitions, Life Purpose, Transiton, Wellness, Presence, Health Coaching, Professional Transition, Grief, PCC Certification, Transformational Coach, Mindfulness, Communication
Christina A. Geithner
Spokane, WA

Find your edge, Play it well, Transform your life!

“Edges” are the taking-off points and frontiers in your life. They show up as transitions, choice-points or thresholds, intersections, beginnings and endings, and the inbetween places ... See More

Highlights: Yoga-enhanced Coaching, Mentor Coach, Compassion And Self-compassion, ACC Credential, Transiton, Teaching, Meditation, Life Transitions, Life Coaching, Anxiety & Stress Relief, Health Coaching, Wellness, Holistic, Awareness And Action, Presence, Somatic Coaching, Professional Transition, Alignment, Life Purpose, Habit Change
Renee Dineen
Sacramento, CA

I am an internationally known and trained HR executive, executive coach and business consultant with over 20 years of experience, including 5 years live and working overseas. I have built leadership and organizational capability in over 40 countries ... See More

Highlights: Emotional Intelligence, Life Transitions, Compassion And Self-compassion, Transformational Coach, Communication, Leaders, Trans, Team Development And Facilitation Executive And Leadership Devel, Life Coaching, Holistic, Workshop Design And Facilitation Merger & Acquisition Integr, Assertive Engagement, ACC Credential, Business Development Consulting, PROFESSIONAL SPECIALITIES Executive And Life Coaching, Team Leadership For Churches And Business, Presence, Personal And Corporate Coach, Awareness And Action, Life Purpose

The mission of Click Life Coaching is to help clients harness their intuition, hone their analytical skills and challenge their ingrained beliefs to achieve clarity of purpose and to incite action toward goals.

If you choose to enter into a coach... See More

Highlights: Awareness And Action, Professional Transition, Life Purpose, Midlife, Transformational Coach, Creativity, Life Balance, Communication, Transiton, Work, Life Transitions, Life Coaching
Carmen Farmer
Portland, OR

I am an enjoyment coach, working with baby boomers who want to plan for a fun, fulfilling retirement. Many retirees don't know who they are without their career roles and become bored or even depressed. Having a plan for an enjoyable, meaningful life... See More

Highlights: Fulfillment, Life Purpose, Awareness And Action, Purpose, Retirement, Life Coaching, Meaning, Volunteerism, Encore Career, Transiton, Life Transitions
Candido Cruz Jr
Bronx, NY

I am Certified Life Coach, Master Practitioner in Energy Leadership and a member of ICF. I trained in various life coaching scenarios. This would include spiritual, relationship, career and life transition. I also am skilled in working with entrep... See More

Highlights: Life Transitions, Millennials In The Workplace, Parents, Christian Spirituality, Transformational Coach, Transiton, Workshops, Energy Leadership Assessment- Determine Your Leadership Qualitie, Core Energy Leadership, Life Coaching, Awareness And Action, Life Purpose
Doren Weinstein
West Bloomfield, MI

I am a certified life and relationship coach. I received my certification from The Institute for Life Coaching Training in 2003.

I am an insightful, creative, action-oriented coach who works with individuals and multiple types of relationships see... See More

Highlights: Business Development Consulting, Habit Change, Mentor Coach, Divorce Issues, Couples, Personal And Corporate Coach, Compassion And Self-compassion, Parents, Grief, ADHD, Transiton, " And Custom "Do It Your Way.", Dream Coaching, Food, Assertive Engagement, Organizing, Identity, Life Coaching, Needs And Values Coaching, Students
LeAnna Brennan
Pensacola, FL

LeAnna Brennan is the Chief Marketing Officer, President of Sales and Head Life and Business Coach of her own heart based business. As a Coach, she partners with solopreneurs to shift from making decisions based on their circumstances to making decis... See More

Highlights: Personal And Corporate Coach, Get Clients NOW!, Personal Communication Style Inventory, ACC Credential
Nanci Adair
South Portland, ME

UKandu anything you put your mind and heart to. UKandu coaching is for people who are not ready to give up on their dreams and need help to get them off the back burner. UKandu Coach Nanci Adair loves working with artists and entrepreneurs.

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